Scan to Win Big with Nexus Appliances while watching Big Brother Naija!

As Big Brother Naija season 8 takes the nation by storm with its drama, excitement, twists and turns, there’s another thrilling way to enhance your viewing experience and potentially win big. Take your viewing experience to the next level by participating in the Scan to Win promo offered by Nexus Appliances.


Big Brother Naija has become the talk of the town, with millions of viewers glued to their screens to witness the unfolding drama and alliances within the house. It’s a time of bonding with friends and family as you discuss the latest happenings, predict winners, and form your opinions about the housemates.


Nexus Appliances, a brand known for its quality home appliances, has brilliantly combined this entertainment extravaganza with an opportunity to win shopping vouchers.


How Does the Scan to Win Promo Work?

Imagine sitting on your couch, engrossed in the drama of the house, and suddenly, a commercial break from Nexus appliances presents you with a chance to win shopping vouchers. All you need is your smartphone!


Here’s how it works:

  1. Keep an eye on the screen for a QR code that will pop up during the Nexus commercial on the Big Brother Naija Channel
  2. Scan the QR code with your smartphone
  3. Fill your details and spin the wheel
  4. Take a screenshot of the voucher you won
  5. Visit any nearest exclusive Nexus showroom close to you to claim your winnings!

Note that vouchers won are accessible with the worth of products to be purchased.


So, keep your smartphone handy, stay glued to the TV screen, and get ready to scan your way to exciting prizes!

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