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With the continuous development and release of New age innovations and Technology that are designed to take away the drudgery of manually doing chores and designed to give more comfort to human lifestyle each new day, a high adoption rate of the these technology means that there would be an equal increase in the Electricity cost required to run these Appliances.

It is known that Electric current is one major requirement to effectively run Home Appliances and to optimally enjoy its functionality. Although, newer technologies are being designed to reduce the rate of energy consumption of some of these Appliances. It is important to know how to reduce the Electricity consumption rate and cost while enjoying maximum utility from the Appliance.

We listed some methods that can be easily adopted and does not require any level of expertise to carry out.

  1. All Appliances not in use should be turned off -: This probably isn’t a new message to any user out there some people believe if an appliance is on but not in use makes no significant difference to its energy consumption rate. If an appliance not in use has just its power light on means that a trickle amount of power is still being used to keep that light on. It truly could be insignificant but an accumulation of that on 2 or more appliances can have a considerable effect on your Electricity charge rate for the month.
  2. Choose Appliances with the Energy Saving Star Rating– : Research has shown that an appliances with Energy Saving Star rating can reduce the cost of electricity usage by 10% to 50% less depending on the star rating given to that Appliance. The higher the star rating, the more energy efficient that product is and vice versa. The choice of having a number of Home Appliances with energy star ratings will have a significant effect on running cost.
  3. Service your Home Appliances-: Saving money off Electricity bills can also be linked to age and usage of an appliance. When and appliances has being in use for a long period of time, there is an inevitable wear on its operating and functioning system that might require more power to run effectively by the hour. Majorly heating and cooling systems in Homes are high energy consuming system and the harder the system works due to age, the more power required for its smooth operation. Regularly servicing appliances can help reduce the Energy consumption because when the appliances are running smoothly, there would be no extra energy required to keep it working.
  4. Intentionally conserve Energy-: Accepting and replacing old Appliances with new technologies that has been designed to conserve energy means that you intentionally wants to make a change on your Electrical bills. A simple example is replacing an old light bulb with a new LED light that gives the same lightning but uses less energy. Another example is to adopt Appliances with Inverter Technology which are designed to help reduce rate of energy consumption. Saving your Electricity cost only requires a conscious effort and intentional habit of ensuing you maximize usage while minimizing cost.

To assist you in achieving this goal, we have designed all our Appliances as Energy Saving A+ to ensure that you enjoy optimal performance and functionality while having the barest running cost.

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