Imagine waking up on a rainy morning and you have a pile of dirty laundry that needs to be done! Rainy season usually means there are more clothes to wash and more stubborn stains to deal with, here are 5 laundry tips to keep your clothes clean, fresh and dry even in the rainy season.

  1. Prioritise: You can only wash as many clothes as you have space for. Get an extra laundry basket in order to separate the urgent clothes and ensure that the most essential washes get done first.
  2. Remove Mud Stains immediately: Once it rains, it is not unusual to get your clothes stained when walking on a muddy street or to be hit with a splash of muddy water from a moving car. Don’t wait until it is too hard to get rid of the stains. You could spot-treat muddy stains immediately with an eco-friendly stain removal such as lemon juice.
  3. Separate your whites from your “bleeding” clothes: When it rains, there is a tendency for your clothes to get wet. Group your clothes accordingly before washing. Do not place whites in the same pile as coloured clothes when washing to avoid them being stained.
  4. Wash dark clothes thoroughly: It is harder to spot mud stains on dark clothes. Ensure you wash dark clothes thoroughly, if you’re using a Nexus 10 or 12 ATSL Top Loader washing machine, the hand wash design spots hidden stains and is gentle on your fabric.
  5. Use a Washing Machine with an Air Drying System: During high-humid weather and rainy seasons, a washing machine with an air drying system is a must-have! It saves wash time because your clothes get to dry faster especially clothes like thick jeans, blankets sweaters and towels that might take more than a day to dry.
  6. Dry Clothes Indoors: Don’t miss out on drying clothes just because it is raining. If you do not have an indoor drying rack, make do with a temporary one by using your shower curtain rod or a piece of string tied between two chairs.

Now you can remain on cloud nine because you would always have dry clothes to wear all through the season.

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