How would you prepare your favourite foods if you couldn’t use oil? What if you made an oil-free recipe for foods that would normally require oil? Eg: Oil-free Vegetable Soup, Oil-less Egusi or Oil-Free Plantain, Chicken and Chips etc.

Let your creativity flow… Join the Nexus #NoOil challenge by following @nexusappliances on Instagram and Facebook to stand the chance to win a Nexus Air Fryer. In the next 5 weeks, Nexus would be giving out 5 Air Fryers every week to 5 Winners. Here is how to participate and win:

  1. Put up a post on Instagram (it could be supported with images/videos etc) describing how to prepare a popular food without oil and capture what it looks like after cooking.
  2. Share post on your timeline on Facebook.
  3. Use the giveaway hashtags #NoOil #MyNexusKitchen and tag @nexusappliances
  4. Follow @nexusappliances on Instagram and Facebook and get your friends to follow @nexusappliances and like your post on the Nexus page.
  5. If it’s a video, make it is between 30-60 seconds long.
  6. Ensure there is nothing in your video that could arouse a conflict of interest with the Nexus brand
  7. The higher the likes and comments on your post, the higher your chances of winning a NEXUS AIR FRYER
  8. All winners must receive their prizes in person and expected to be photographed and recorded as proof of receipt. Details to be communicated upon receipt of the Winners Confirmation Email.
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