7 September 2018
Cleaning a gas cooker is a task that no one wants to undertake. But, it’s necessary to prolong the life of your stove and keep it looking in peak condition. The build-up of dirt and grime over time can heavily impact how long you Read more
7 September 2018
When we purchase a washing machine, we expect it to last for a while And in most cases, they do last for around ten years, depending on the brand that you’ve chosen. However, instances can occur that cause your washing machine to Read more
25 July 2017
How would you prepare your favourite foods if you couldn’t use oil? What if you made an oil-free recipe for foods that would normally require oil? Eg: Oil-free Vegetable Soup, Oil-less Egusi or Oil-Free Plantain, Chicken and Chip Read more
13 July 2017
The dust has barely settled after Nexus stormed Port Harcourt with its latest ambassador Uriel Oputa for the Nexus Kitchen Cookout and Abuja is set to feel the heat. Nexus has no chill, except in their refrigerators, of course! Abuja w Read more
6 July 2017
It’s no longer news that leading home appliance manufacturer, Nexus just added the Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate Uriel to the family. Barely two weeks after the signing, the duo is set to go on the long anticipated Nexus Kitchen Tour  Read more
29 June 2017
If you thought you had seen it all when she brought you the most dramatic diary room sessions, then you thought wrong. One of our favourite contestants from Big Brother Naija, Uriel Oputa is bringing back all that drama mixed with suga Read more
28 June 2017
Imagine waking up on a rainy morning and you have a pile of dirty laundry that needs to be done! Rainy season usually means there are more clothes to wash and more stubborn stains to deal with, here are 5 laundry tips to keep your clot Read more
28 June 2017
As much as the word “Fit Fam” seems to be flying around these days, many people think it is for a weird group of people that only eat salads, fruits or vegetables. However you can be “fitfam” and still satisfy your sweet tooth or cravi Read more